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Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing

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Why is there something rather than nothing?               I won t make bold to profess arcane disquisitions on a par with the great philosophers and mathematicians of our time but simply state my opinion on a much debated topic.                           To begin with,we have to admit that there is something,which is perplexing per se.Why ?.......Because we sense that NOTHING is more logical than something.Indeed,it runs counter to OCCAM s RAZOR principle.                     Occam s razor postulates simplicity and parsimony.It stresses the fact that when you have two competing theories to account for a phenomenon,the simpler one is the better.The principle has been used to justify uncertainty in quantum mechanics.Well,it doesn t work for this mysterious universe which we emerged from! Elementary my dear Watson since we are here to talk about it!.So,what do we know about something,about the cosmos and about this puzzling reality we call life.                                         Our spacetime universe   had a beginning ,how distant in time it may be.It began 13.8 billion years ago in what is called the BIG BANG.This beginning is necessary for time and causality to exist.Indeed,it takes an Arrow shot from infinity an infinite time to reach its destination and an eternal four dimensional universe is not conceivable.Time is a necessity to permit causes and effects.So,our universe is ruled by causality and we understand that this chain of events has to stop somewhere,that there must be a primary cause or an uncaused cause.We can call this first cause a transcendence or a creative principle or GOD..........there s no such thing as something emerging out of nothing.Scientists will tell you that particles constantly emerge from the void and then quickly return to the void.But surely this void is not nothing and we need know what causes these particles!...


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