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Mankind and the Search of God

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Graciela Ramirez

October 22, 2013

Dr. Ball

SMC1314 Section P

Mankind and the Search for God

Every human being is different and unique; they have differential perspectives and views on goals, life, and beliefs. One of the most controversial topics is religion and God itself. In debate with personal beliefs Richard Rohr and John Haught share their views on God with theological and scientific views. After reading Rohr’s book Things Hidden Scripture as Spirituality and Haught’s God and the New Atheism, certain ideals I had of God enriched my personal outtake on God and religion.
God is a universal word with a controversial meaning. When thinking about God one thinks about religion itself. Religion has been a very debatable subject throughout history. Religion is a belief and worship in a superior being. In the catholic religion we believe God is our father, the savior of our world, and the key to our afterlife. As human beings we have a tendency to question God and what he is like. Since early on, our culture has instilled a certain perspective on the way that God is like and his characteristics. According to our culture God is an all-powerful being who is neither fully human nor spirit; he is one who is truly forgiving and loving. Being brought up with this idea in mind my perspective on God has been that one of my culture. However, just like any other human being our perspectives are subject to change as we grow and mature through life.
As I matured my perspective on religion and God changed from my cultures thought. Going against what my family believes, I do believe there is a higher being out there but just question if it is in fact a God. If there is a God I question how he is and how he works. I agree with Rohr when he asserts “you would never fall in love with a God who is basically a terrorist.” (Rohr p.48) There are so many disasters that go on through our world, which God knows yet, provides it by creating human destruction and killings....


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