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Gender Issues in the Society

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SCHOOL         :       School of Social Sciences
COMPUTER NO.                 :       21010298
NAME                   :       Mwase Bernard
PROGRAMME                     :       B.A. Development Studies
COURSE           :       DS 36: Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
LECTURER                   :       Mr. Valentine Mwanza
SEMESTER                   :     Second Semester
ASSIGNMENT           :     2
DUE DATE           :     18 October 2013    
TEL. No.                   :     0966-836-022
CONTACT ADDRESS :     Livingstone Institute of Business &
                                                            Engineering Studies, P.O. BOX D 27,
                                                          Plot 2621 Nakatindi Road, LIVINGSTONE
E-MAIL                   :       bernard_mwase@yahoo.com

Assignment 2
Monitoring and Evaluation are critical activities that must accompany implementation for the plan to be achieved. However, much of the quality and evaluation derive from the experience of the Evaluator as well as the resources at hand. Critically discuss the above statement.

Evaluator`s experience: Monitoring and Evaluation critical activities for achievement of plan: 21010298

Every problem existing in a community has causes and effects. To resolve these problems, the root causes need to be identified and this is where knowledge, efforts and resources need to be directed appropriately. If the causes are not identified, all efforts that are being made to find a solution will be in vain as resources will be directed at effects, which may be wrong targets.
This can be likened to healing symptoms while the disease remains in a person. Targeting effects may give short – term relief but it does not solve the problem. The problem is best solved when the root causes are identified and all efforts targeted at them.  
This is why this essay shall discuss the importance of the...


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