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Thomas Levy

Dress Codes for Students
    The purpose of this paper is to debate the pros and cons of dress codes for students in primary and secondary schools. I will state my opinions on the subject and in the following paragraphs; I will present information for my readers to decide for themselves if dress codes are beneficial. I changed school a lot when I was younger so I’ve only had to wear uniforms for a couple of years in elementary school in Houston, Texas. Because I was so young, it was not an issue for me. I’m sure that if I were forced to wear them in middle and high school, I would not have been happy
    First I will state the reasons that dress codes are needed in school. I think the younger children are dressed in uniforms, the better because at the very start, they learn that they have to follow rules and be somewhat disciplined. Waiting until later to start them in uniforms gives them a taste of “freedom”, letting them think that the schools are the enemy for “making” them give in to something that they don’t want to be a part of.   For some children change can be hard. I know because I am one of those children that had a hard time dealing with any kind of change. If there were rules made than ok but to change them in the middle was a problem for me.
    I think that middle school is the time when students start to really assert their independence and branch off into groups based on being with others like themselves. You start to see more variety in clothing because of course each group thinks that they are dressed better than the other group. Personality really starts to come into play here and real competition begins. Children are learning what is popular it seems based on price tags. Items that cost the most must be better therefore, making me the better person. This is also the time when school work becomes more difficult and who needs the added stress of trying to fit into the “In crowds” Middle school children...


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