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Trends in Spa Tourism in Slovakia

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Each country can be characterised and represented by a certain possession making the country interesting. This possession is treasured and protected as a remnant of ancestors’ heritage. The Slovak Republic is a country with strong medical background to spa tourism, which could also be seen in Germany,   Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. Spa tourism in Slovakia is based on European tradition, on the use of natural curative resources and climate.

Defining the Spa Tourism
Spa tourism is a branch of economic activities based on the use of Earth’s natural healing resources, or climate for spa treatment. It belongs to healthcare and services are its product. Spa tourism is a kind of travel and tourism focused on healthpreventive and curative activities under a professional supervision in one’s leisure time. Its development depends on the existence of a natural curative resource
(natural curative water, gases, emanations, peloids and climate) affecting the specialisation of spa treatment. (Gúčik, 2006)

Functions of Spa Tourism
Spa tourism has a medical, economic and social function at present. In terms of medicine it satisfies a human need to be healthy and restores his or her working ability. In terms of economy it provides spa treatment on the market economy principle. And in social terms spa treatment is a benefit of health
insurance. Economic benefits of spa tourism are not only social and corporate, but they are also benficial for spa towns and an individual. (Gúčik, 2004)

Spa treatments used in Slovakia
Spa treatment is combined with medicamentous treatment, dietary nutrition and psychophysical rehabilitation. Spa treatment allows for prevention of diseases, improvement of health status and dicrease of sickness absence. (Gúčik, 2006, p.86).
Treatment forming a basic component of spa care is based on the multilateral effect of various factors: mineral water, climate, environment, nutrition, pharmacological and physiatric therapy...


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