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The Strange Meeting

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The Strange Meeting

Short story By: ChristieV
Mystery and crime

Summer leaves the libary one night, and bumps into a boy who looks familiar. She recieved a note a couple of says ago and it turns out its from the mysterious boy. What does he want? Why does he want to speak to her? And most of all, why does he look so familiar?

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The strange Meeting.
Why the hell did I agree to this? Oh, that's right, my friends persuaded me to and they tagged along with me.The evening was cold as ice and the snow was pale on the floor, great day to go out. The hours went by and I was so sure, the cold outside would get worse. "I'll be going now, see you both tomorrow" I say to my two best friends holding up my hand as a sign to say goodbye. "See you later" Says Amelia to me and I left the libray to go outside into the the
icy cold fresh air. The cold freezing temperatures pierced my skin very sharply and my body shook as it tried to get warm.
As I reached the end of the Libaries footpath, I bumped into somebody and I started to feel embarrassed.
"Im so sorry" I say quickly looking up in amazement. A tall boy, my age, looked down at me with such a haunting stare it frightened me.
"It's fine" says the boy turning his frown into a smile. I faked a smile and quickly realised no-one was hardly around.
"Sorry again" I say to him and all of a sudden, I began to wonder if I knew him. He really looked familiar and I began to see his eyes turning into a calmer state.
A few days earlier, I had got a note by an unnamed person, my friends kept bugging me to go meet this person but I was worried to who I would find out who it is.
My friends planned it with me but my best friends agreed to go with me only, which made me feel more nervous.
I quickly shook myself out of my thinking and looked back at the boy. "Are you the one-" I began to ask but he cut me off by saying, "I'm very sorry I am late, I had...


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