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Off Campus Lunch

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Off Campus Lunches

If I could change one thing about My High School I would choose the lunch rule. The rule I would like to change is not being able to leave during lunch. I feel like it should be a choice whether to stay in the lunch room to eat or leave off campus to eat. A few reasons why students would like to leave is the lunch room is overpopulated, the food is unappealing and the lunch line is too long to wait in.   The lunch room can also be an inconvenient place to be in and is so loud you don’t even feel like you can enjoy your meal. For these reasons and maybe even more students take a chance at leaving school to go find something to eat that they will enjoy and find a quiet place for themselves. Everyday students violate this rule by walking or driving to get food.  As a consequence, if you are caught, students are being sent to ISS. This seems to be a way schools punish their students for leaving off-campus to have lunch. Going to ISS is holding students back from learning in their class rooms.   In those days the students could have learned valuable information taught by the teacher, but they have been sitting in ISS as punishment for leaving off-campus. For this reason I feel ISS is interfering with students being provided a better educational opportunity in their own class room. If this change would happen teachers and other staff would not have to worry about students leaving off campus and then sending them to ISS for their actions. I don’t understand how students are allowed to drive to and from school and yet can’t leave campus for lunch. If the school district is worried about students getting into car accidents during lunch hours then they need to consider that it can also happen while students are driving to and from school.   Whether the district acknowledges it or not, students’ safety on the road is not the schools responsibility, but the students own responsibility, and should be treated as such. CCISD should consider allowing students...


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