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Impaired Driving

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Impaired driving does not only refer to being under the influence of alcohol, but also under the influence of drugs. This conduct is called a DUI (driving under the influence). If you are convicted of such criminal activity you could be looking at the loss of your licence, a fine or time in jail. These charges can be placed even if you are just sitting in your car, behind the wheel, your vehicle does not have to be moving.
Drinking and driving is one of the worst combinations possible. The more that you drink and the more alcohol that’s in your blood will begin to show a large reduction in your ability to concentrate and react to things that happen suddenly while you are driving; it also limits your judgement towards distances and road hazards. Worst of all your vision may become blurred, leaving you to drive blind. Drugs should also not be taken lightly; they can change your mood, or the way that you feel, affecting your driving by swerving uncontrollably, speeding or becoming fatigued. Illegal drugs are not the only risks, prescription and over the counter drugs are just as dangerous, make sure to check the warning labels for drowsiness or mood swings.
For your safety and the safety of other drivers, take precaution; if you are planning on drinking, plan not to drive, have a designated driver or call a taxi to come and pick you up. If you are unsure about the effects of your prescription drugs, ask your doctor if it is safe for you to be driving. In result if you mix drugs and alcohol together, you can impair your driving even more drastically, leading you to cause an accident, which could possibly lead to death. If you are fatigued or stressed, your body is not functioning at its full capacity, leading you to be incapable of proper decisions.


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