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Do You Know Major Parameter of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Load analysis and motion analysis is the basic foundation of hydraulic system of the main parameters, including the work cycle of each actuator in time or displacement analysis the change rule of load and speed, and load cycle diagram and the movement cycle diagram, in order to understand the nature of motion process, find out each actuator in which the variation of load, displacement and speed. Do you know the major parameter of hydraulic cone crusher?

The load of hydraulic actuators include two categories, work load and friction load, working load and resistance load, over load and inertia load three types.Friction load and static friction load and friction loads of two types.Actuator load size can be determined by the host specification, also can be achieved by experiment method or theory analysis and calculation.Theoretical analysis to determine the load, must be carefully consider all conditions in a loop and the corresponding load type.

The main parameter of hydraulic cone crusher is hydraulic system pressure and flow rate is , they are choosing system solutions and select the main basis of hydraulic components.Pressure is determined by the external load, flow depends on the speed of movement of the hydraulic actuators and body size.Usually, the first choice of actuator design pressure, and according to the design pressure selected maximum load and calculate the main hydraulic actuators9 to structure size, and then according to the requirements for the speed of the actuator (or speed), determine the input flow.Pressure and flow is affirmatory, can determine its power, and make the operation condition of the hydraulic actuators figure (within a cycle, working pressure of hydraulic actuators and the input flow and input power to the change of time curve).

In addition, there is pressure control and time control, etc.Pressure control is multi-purpose with hydraulic clamp machine, extrusion machine, etc.When an actuator accomplish the gesture, the...


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