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A Haunted House

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Haunted House

………….It was a damp chilly night when my friend John said," Let's go to The Hameltons   House ."   My eyes opened widely and said," The haunted house?" He told me that The Hamilton's had left the house after their daughter, who was young and charming, died.
He wanted to go there to look at her photo. " Why not?" I asked myself and thought that it would be an exciting adventure.

………..We brought a torch with us due to the entirely dim night. As we rushed the wind was howling in the trees. The moon disappeared and the wail of cats was heard. The house which was on a hill is surrounded by farms that have a wonderful view. Although the landscape was fabulous, the house looked thoroughly creepy. I looked at John and told him that we would go back because I knew what we had to face. " Do not be coward," he yelled. The house was huge with massive black gate. When John pushed the gate, it was opened easily. Next, we entered the hall which was large and dull. As soon as we entered, so much dust collected on our clothes. The house was hollow, so there was a lot of echoing. In the middle of the hall, there was an old Victorian table with eight chairs. Also, the hall has a checkered tile on floor which is full of junk. When we entered the kitchen that was old and musty, we saw creepy rats that were coming   from a hole in the corner in the kitchen. In spite of the fact that the darkness was oppressive , John was brave and encouraged me. The walls were decayed by years of neglect and full of cup webs.
" There is   not a photo of the girl. Why cannot   we get out?" I murmured to John ,but he insisted to search all over the house.

…………….At this point, we heard a strange soft whispering coming from upstairs. At this moment, I could not stop from muttering "oops" . John pulled me as I was not able to move. When we walked up the stairs, they creaked loudly. Upstairs, we saw a long narrow hallway with many doors on neat and tidy. In addition, we found   books and a...


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