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Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween, How Are They Similar? How Are They Different?

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Dia de los Muertos and Halloween
(How are they similar? How are they different?)

The Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, or, the Day of the Dead, is a very important holiday celebrated in Mexico. The Day of the Dead is a celebration where the people of Mexico celebrate and mourn over the loss of their loved ones. Even though this holiday has nothing to do with Halloween, they are often confused.
Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. One of the days is dedicated to the adults who passed away, and the other is dedicated to the children. On this holiday, the families of the person who passed away create and decorate an “ofrenda”. An “ofrenda” is a decorated area that displays offerings to the deceased souls. “Ofrendas” usually display photos, statues, foods, drinks, flowers, candles, incense, and even some of the dead person’s favorite things. One of the very important things to put on the “ofrenda” is “Pan de los Muertos”, or bread of the dead. This is bread sprinkled with white and red frosting. The bread is set on the “ofrenda” because it is meant to be taken on the soul’s journey to wherever it is going, along with other foods like candy skulls, fruit, and even toys made of sugar. The “ofrendas” are also dedicated with flowers. The most common flowers that are used are sampascisio(orange flower), and paca de lion(a dark pink color). Incense burners are also decorated on the “ofrendas”. They are called copal. Their purpose is to help the sprits find a way to this world. Candles are also very important. Their purpose is to light the way to the spirit world. As you can see, “ofrendas” are taken very seriously in Mexico. They even have contests and parades displaying the “ofrendas”. Dia de los Muertos is considered the most important holiday in Mexico.
Halloween, on the other hand, is a tradition celebrated on October 31st. Halloween first started in the ancient religion of the Celtics in Ireland. The Celtic people were very conscious of...


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