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Veronica Roth's Divergent Review

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The story that unravels in Veronica Roth’s dystopian fiction, Divergent, displays themes

of fear, conformity versus rebellion, will to survive, and self-discovery.   Published in 2011,

Beatrice, otherwise known as Tris, struggles to deal with life after her aptitude test when she is

forced to choose what faction she will live in   based on her personality.   In choosing her faction

Beatrice is forced to set aside her fear as she must do from that moment forward, not becoming

fearless but becoming capable of facing her fears.   Along the way she faces a constant struggle to

survive, the blooming of a relationship, and Tris must discover who she is.

Roth begins by setting the scene of Beatrice’s life in the Abnegation Faction, where her

family resides and it becomes evident how different she is from everyone there.   Regardless of

how hard she may try, Beatrice is incapable of fitting into this faction where everyone must

disregard themselves and put others first, always.   So after learning about her divergence,

Beatrice is forced to hide her individuality from her family and friends, leaving her old faction to

take a more dangerous route- Dauntless.   After an exhilarating jump off of a building, changing

her name to Tris, meeting the mysterious Four, and foregoing initiation, Tris must now struggle

to surpass the other initiatives but stay under the radar.   If her divergence is discovered, she will

end up a broken doll at the bottom of a mountain.   Even when it’s still a secret, an initiative

named Pete attacks her anyway once she makes the rankings as number one and as he is dangling

her life over a cliff, a knight in shining armor arrives.   By the end of the book a transformation

has overcome Tris and what was once a girl trying to fit in is now a woman who has accepted her


The book intensifies emotions as it wraps the reader into its pages, pulling them...


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