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"Be what you wanna be , not what the others want you to be " - Dstny_roman

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Mind and Matter

Dr. Seuss said once, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” That's the mindset I maintained my first time entering the lunch room, on my first day of highschool. School has always been a big part my life, and I try to always be carefree about it. That day however, it was so hard to be carefree when you know everyone’s first impressions are a vital part of life, especially your teachers. My first day was full of potentially stressful situations, and I went through them like everyone has too. I had many memorable experiences on that day, some fun, some embarrassing, but I always remembered “   those who mind don't matter.”
In my first two classes, I didn't have any of my friends with me but I ended up meeting new people and making new friends. We all got to know each other because of all the “original”   ice-breaker games each teacher made. Silly or not, they worked. I loved them for that and the fact that they killed almost the whole class time. I met Ozmar Calustro and Jake Muskovitz who later became very close friends of mine. We all discussed our personal lives and surprisingly there was not a single situation where I felt uncomfortable with anyone, which so far was a success for me. I enjoyed the first half of my day very much, but I don't   know if I can say the same for the second half.
After my first two classes came the most stressful part of the day: lunch. Walking into that room felt like I had discovered a new ecosystem where everything seemed to fit except me. I instantly tried to find my friends during the riot for the lunch line, where hundreds of kids pushed and shoved, chaotically scrambling on top of each other to get to the front of the line. After a few minutes, however, I found my friends. To my relief, they felt the same way I did, and as we looked for our place in this new environment a voice shouted my name. Then before I knew it, I was knocked to the...


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