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Basic Critical Thinking

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1. What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on?
The first writer in "The New York Times" describing the events in detail including the age of the characters; the place that the event had happened; how many people involved. It is giving a general report of the process of the event.
The writer in "Life" try to stress the idea that Malcolm X was not killed by other race but his own race.
In "The New York Post", the writer focuses on emotion of the followers and the tactic that the assassinators use to kill Malcolm X.
The forth article in "Associated Press", the writer focus on the fate of the assassin after they are arrested.
The last writer in "The Amsterdam News" focuses on the reaction of people who are in the scene and revenge cycle of the black extremists.

2. How has each writer organized the details that have been selected? Bear in mind that most news organizations present what they consider the most important information first and the least important information last.
1. The New York Times–the writer using a direct narrative to present the entire process of assassination. He first talk about Malcolm X, the main character of the event, then describes the assassin, the address of the event, and other people involved.
2. Life–the writer describes the injury of Malcolm X first, then starts to introduce what Malcolm X is doing before he gets shot and how he gets kill by the black but not white.
3. The New York Post–the writer describes the conversation of the audiences in the scene first. Then introduces Malcolm X to the scene and his audiences by quoting some of his speech. After that, the writer reports how the scuffle of the audience starts and how Malcolm X gets shot. At last, the writer ends the article by the conversation of the audiences again.
4. Associated Press–the writer reports the event that against Malcolm X a week ago and his death during the rally as the opening of the article. Then, reports the homicide charge against...


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