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From Dust Shall End

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Have you ever dreamed of surviving yourself in a world smothered with trash and stinks? Too hard to breathe. Too difficult to overcome. How can we cope with this sort of environment? Does life still exist then? Mere questions have expressed from an unsuitable creature like me, wondering what life would be fifty years from now. I myself have a better vision of the future, that is if some things are being laid accordingly. But amidst all my hopes and aspirations dominate a threat to the public. A terror that tangles us near to evilness and brings us to the abyss of destruction. The rise of ‘improper waste disposal.’ All have been doing this. And for the record, I honestly did this unintentionally. If we let this menace to occur, then there is a greater chance that those nightmares only seen in movies will come to life. Nightmares that are fictional. Nightmares that have been predicting the world since the start of digital and visual cinematography.

Proper waste segregation. Responsible citizenry. All these have been heard almost every day along streets, avenues or even parks. People have usually acclaimed that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness.’ But we are doing the job we constantly preach? It can sometimes be hilarious. Would it be called a ‘paradox’ if we swallow our own words? Like when we hand in a microphone and tell people to ‘pick up the trash on the floor’ when evidently there are nearby garbage surrounding the person shouting. Is it necessary for us to outcry the people to do what you desire to happen? I mean, do we really need somebody to do the work which can be done by our own hands? Life would be so inconsiderate to those people who think of themselves. As stated in John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, Section V: Law of Addition states that ‘a leader adds value by serving others.’ It is not by letting others do what is necessary. It doesn’t mean that you’re a president or a highly-respected administrator you are excluded from...


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