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Voices of Freedom Chpt 5 Summary

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In chapter, five there are several points. However the biggest points are if the colonists should be independent from Britain, the colonists reaction to the laws and acts made by the British Empire, and the rights of the colonists. These points summarize the contents of chapter five of “Voices of Freedom” and “Give Me Liberty”. The articles in voices of freedom that are arguing the primary points the first article is the “Virginia Resolutions on the Stamp Act (1765)”. This article is about Virginia’s House of Burgesses making resolutions to defend their liberty they decided to approve four of these resolutions and rejected three. The next article is “New York Workingmen Demand a Voice in the Revolutionary Struggle (1770)”. This article is about how craftsmen have a right to speak there voice for public policy, as well as how ordinary men in new york city challenged how far the merchants should go for this resistance. The third article is “Association of the New York Sons of Liberty (1773)”. This article is about Britain taking advantage of the colonists’ rights and explaining to how their treatment is like slavery. The fourth article is “Farmington, Connecticut, Resolutions, on the Intolerable Acts (1774)”. This article is about the one thousand residents of Farmington, Connecticut response to the intolerable acts, as well as how liberty was the same cause as gods cause. The fifth article is “Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776)”. This article is about what was wrong with monarchial rule and used colonists’ experiences as to why they should be independent to the British Empire. The last article is “James Chalmers, Plain Truth (1776)”. This article is about James Chalmers response to “Common Sense” and how the colonists would be better off staying loyal to the British, as well as how if they become independent then they will be taken over by another country and be slaves. This chapter is about the American Revolution and the argument about if the colonies should...


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