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What Should Be Prepare Before Starting Slag Mill?

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Before driving slag mill, you should be prepare as follows: 1 hydraulic and lubrication system inspection; A. Slag grinding machine of main reducer lubrication system of oil to the right, the oil level should be between the upper and lower oil standard. Pipe line connection should be without oil, instrument in good condition, piping and valves open, the oil temperature appropriate, oil is in line with the requirements. B.Inside the equipment before starting to check to eliminate the installation or maintenance on equipment within the sundry, in order to prevent damage to the device while driving.

2 equipment internal, manhole door, inspection door check and sealInside the equipment after the check, all manhole door, access door, must strict sealing, prevent the production of air leakage, oil leakage, leakage of material.

3 gate valve check and ready: Within the system all manual valve to open to the appropriate location, ensure smooth material, gas.All electric gate should check whether the opening and closing flexible, valve shaft and connecting rod with and without loose.Is controlled with the remote control valve, to confirm the direction of open and close with the central control room, opening and accurate indicating.Central control room with upper and lower limit switch valve, to check whether limit signal is returned.

4 tighten inspection slag mill (http://www.crushing-mill.com/coal-mill/) equipment.Check equipment fasteners (such as mill classifier bolts), bolts and connecting bolts, etc., the basis of all the equipment there cannot be any loose;The equipment transmission shall strictly check the easy loose parts.

5 who need to cover part of the all should cover, such as equipment safety cover, screw conveyor cover plate, trench coverPlate, etc., shall be checked.

6. Cooling water system of slag mill is very important for the protection of the equipment, equipment, start to check the water supply and drainage pipeline valve is opened, the...


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