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Commonwealth summit

Emigration of Africans to Malta:
. As Malta we are relatively near to Africa
. We know of the issues they face as we are often being requested to take in refugees from northern African nation
. We do not want a steady stream of refugees entering our nation because we are a small one and would not be able to support the quantity
. We understand Scott Morrison’s decision to halt the influx of Papua New Guinean refugees
. We need to take into account the fact that many of our smaller island nations cannot cope with many refugees so I believe it would be best to control the flow
. Malta invests greatly in its education
. As one of the world’s financial centre’s we have no real issue in paying for education
. We believe that all of the countries in the commonwealth should have the same privileges that we benefit from and we will give all the help we can
. It will be difficult and will need major investment from richer powers in the common wealth such as the UK and Australia
. The common wealth has already laid down a set of standards for teachers, however investment will be needed to reach this goal
Climate Change:
. We are aware that Caribbean nations are susceptible to climate change
. It is wise to have a team already on standby in the case of a crisis
. As an island nation we are aware that the sea is an important factor in our survival but it is also dangerous and precautions must be taken
. We fully support plans in the Caribbean
. We have recently had Syrian refugees landing at are shores, and recent casualties before the ships were rescued
. We need to bring a stop to the Syrian conflict because otherwise it will continue to affect areas in the Mediterranean and it is our responsibility to help Syrian natives
. We cannot take in many more refugees so do not count on us to house any refugees that arrive at our shores  
Safety of overseas tourists:
.We do not feel very affected by this issue because...


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