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Business Management

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1.4 What is job design?
According to Kondalkar (2007) job design is related to organizing and constructing complex, social and human being facet of employment. It is linked to coordinating the various components of an organization to make it possible to engage and accomplish identical task easily and reducing job dissatisfaction. 
1.4.1 Importance of job design
(a) It leads to better business usefulness as well as performance and better results from employees.
(b) Job design is very important for an organization to execute the particular business activities in the best and also effective way.
Kondalkar, V.
Organisational Behaviour
Kondalkar, V. (2007) Organisational Behaviour. New Age International, p.276

1.14 The five levels of Maslow’s need theory
(a) Physiological Needs: According to Maslow’s need theory, this is the strongest in every man in order to satisfy basic bodily needs like hunger, thirst, shelter, and clothing.
(b) Safety Needs: After the physiological need is gotten, the safety need develops and is also prominent at that time of point. These needs comprises of security and protection from physical and emotional harm.
(c) Social Needs: Immediately the safety need is attained, people wish to fit in with some social group in which their emotional need of love, affection, warmness and companionship are pleased.
(d) Esteem Need:   This can also be called Ego need. Every single individual desires dignity, self-confidence, reward, power and control.
(e) Self-actualization Need: This is the fifth stage of d need hierarchy. It is related to achieving something substantial in one’s life time.  
Kondalkar, V.
Organisational Behaviour
Kondalkar, V. (2007) Organisational Behaviour. New Age International, p.103

1.12 McGregor’s Theories X and Y
In Kumar, N. (2012), he described Theory X and Theory Y as two distinct viewpoints of management action as well as the behaviour or predispositions of people towards work.
1.12.1 Theory X
People do...


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