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Crusher Lubrication Components Necessary Device System

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Crusher parts lubrication is very important, he needs to help implement a set of matching system, today we take a look at the lubrication system of essential equipment.
Temperature switch
Installed on the return pipe temperature switch, it can have the following three purposes: one is used for high temperature alarm;The other is used for low temperature mechanical chain;Third is the control electric fan blade type oil cooler.If three role needs to be, to install the three temperature switches.Crusher lubricating oil pressure can't too high or too low, the general should be controlled in a stable range.Lubrication system of oil pressure by pressure gauge, pressure switch, and the main safety valve monitoring and control.The role of the main safety valve is to prevent the high pressure oil into the crusher, as well as the oil pump protection.When oil pressure is too high, the relief valve open, make part of the oil returning from alongside the road tank, directly into the crusher frame at the bottom of the rest.Crusher work lube oil pressure is decided by the main relief valve setting.
Oil immersion heater
The role of the immersion heater is cold day ensure the normal order of the lubricating oil flow.Now the temperature is more and more low, it is this device comes in.When the oil temperature below 27 ℃, cut off the heater.When the temperature is higher than 54 ℃ by electric contact thermometer call the police.Can be adjust the cooler water to adjust the oil temperature.For air cooled through temperature switch is air-cooled radiator.
Commonly used cooler has two kinds of water cooled and air cooled.Lubrication system must be equipped with cooler, the role of it is higher than 54 ℃ cooling lubricants.When the oil temperature is lower than 38 ℃ don't use lube oil cooler.Cooler cleaner can obtain the best cooling effect and the longest service life.Regular cleaning heat conversion efficiency and can not only improve the cooler can cause corrosion and...


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