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How About Hydraulic System of Our New Type Cone Crusher

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Recently we have produced a new type cone crusher, which is called hydraulic cone crusher. It provides higher production capacity, the best product grain shape, and easy to control automatically, with a maximum reliability and flexibility, truly create more value for the user. But have you known the hydraulic system of our new type cone crusher?

Hydraulic system design of hydraulic cone crusher is to point to form a new system of energy transfer, to accomplish a specific task.Hydraulic system because of using field and USES different type is various, can be classified according to a variety of ways. But according to the working characteristics of the different divided into two types: transmission system and control system.Hydraulic transmission system in general as the open-loop system without feedback, give priority to in order to transfer power, for information times, the pursuit of the improvement of the transmission characteristics of. System consists of the operating characteristics of the characteristics of hydraulic components and their interaction, to determine the quality of work is strongly influenced by working conditions change. Application of common hydraulic drive system, most of the industrial equipment belongs to this kind of hydraulic system.

The design of hydraulic transmission system and the design of the host are closely related, both often simultaneously.This thesis mainly part design of the hydraulic system of hydraulic cone crusher, the host design omitted. But realistically, combined with mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and other transmission form, give full play to the characteristics of the hydraulic transmission. First design of hydraulic system can satisfy the demands of the host, the circulation of the hydraulic system work, secondly to simple structure, small volume, light weight, safe and reliable work, convenient in operation and maintenance and good economy.Grasp the effectiveness and safety in the design of the...


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