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The Modification Schemes for Deficiencies of New Type Cone Crusher

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  The Modification Schemes for Deficiencies of New Type Cone Crusher
  Recently, a new type of cone crusher is launched. With regard to its application in actual situations, experts from Henan YIFAN have summarized the common problems as follows:
  Cone Crusher
  1. Inconvenient replacement of gear plate. One modification scheme is to transform the shell into an open/shut one. Therefore, automatic opening can be achieved. The hydraulic lock device is added, so the machine can realize normal operation after the shell is shut. This solution contributes to replacement convenience and maintenance.
  2. The liner of the third crushing area wears easily. The solution is to optimize the gear form.
  3. Insufficient iron releasing ability. The problem can be solved by designing properly the lock device, so that the shell can be opened a little when hard materials appear.
  4. The dead clamping phenomenon caused by grinding and screening system can be eliminated by removing the system. The large crushing ratio of the new type cone crusher is sure to occupy the market. However, the ore grinding process itself is highly energy consuming. A set of equipment can't provide enough power for two processes.
  5. The automation is not mature enough. We now add hydraulic executive and control components and current detection and control device to the equipment. When the equipment is underpowered and comes to a dead lock, the motor can be cut off and shell opened. Consequently, the faults are cleared.
  According to the analysis of the five points above, we can see that the key to solving the problems is to transform the original fixed shell to the hydraulic automatic control open/shut shell. Since the equipment is very large, some difficulties maybe occur in the transformation process.
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