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Joseph Stalin was a Georgian Marxist Revolutionary leader who became the dictator of the USSR. He was born in Gori, Georgia. He studied at Tiflis Orthodox until expelled in 1899. After joining a Georgian Social Democratic organization in 1898, he became active in a revolutionary group and travelled to Siberia. This was when Stalin learned his totalitarian ways. After the death of Vladimir I. Lenin in 1924, Stalin became leader of the Soviet Union. He believed the ways of the Soviet Union were old and the west was far ahead of them. This led his to create the 5 year plan and make changes to industrialize. From the 5-year plan, 25 million farms were produced which were only big enough to feed the families that were harvesting them. Between 1934 and 1938 he built up a government, and armed forces in which millions of people were imprisoned, exiled, or shot. In 1938 he signed a Non- Aggression Pact with Hitler. After the German invasion in 1941, the USSR became a member of the Grand Alliance, and Stalin, as was leader, took the name of “Generalissimo”.
Stalin wanted to industrialize the USSR and began with his idea of the 5-year plan.   The industrial revolution of the USSR started in 1928. He began with the agriculture in the country.   He seized almost all farms and controlled which crops were grown were. Due to his stealing of the farms, farmers weren’t growing the crops as well as possible, the food rotted quickly and   wasn’t consistent. “The first Five Year Plan introduced in 1928, concentrated on the development of iron and steel, machine-tools, electric power and transport. Joseph Stalin set the workers high targets. He demanded a 110% increase in coal production, 200% increase in iron production and 335% increase in electric power. He justified these demands by claiming that if rapid industrialization did not take place, the Soviet Union would not be able to defend itself against an invasion from capitalist countries in the west.”...


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