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Why Stalin Launched His Second Revolution

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Why Stalin launched his second revolution
In this answer I shall be evaluating the evidence, and stating how far I agree or disagree with the view that Stalin launched his second revolution in 1929 to defeat rivals for soviet leadership.
In 1927, the power struggle within the communist party was over. Stalin had gained full political power. Stalin believed that rapid industrialisation and collectivisation or agriculture would transform Russia into a rich and powerful socialist state that would set an example to the rest of the world, showing that socialism within a country could work. Stalin would then set about taking over various countries and adding to the USSR, dictating and imposing their socialist views upon the country. Stalin did not want his leadership or plans to be disputed so during the second revolution Stalin imposed various laws and policies alongside removing various potential political opponents in order to ensure that his absolute power could not be disputed.
Stalin insisted on the absolute supremacy of the communist party, and to ensure that no group of peasants ever rose up and became powerful enough to overthrow him; Stalin removed peasants’ private ownership of land as a potential base of opposition and instead dedicated Communists from big city factories to run the collective farms, guaranteeing support for Moscow’s policies.
By developing heavy industries, Stalin hoped that Russia could free herself from dependence on capitalist states for machinery and manufactured goods. This freedom would mean that Russia could finally rival the likes of the United States and Germany in industrial production and would achieve Stalin’s major aim, by proving a socialist society could be just as successful as a capitalist one.
Up until 1928 the Russian agricultural system had remained somewhat backward so to modernise and enhance Russian agriculture, Stalin used the method of collectivisation. This meant that private farms were abolished in place of...


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