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Inbound and Outbound Telemarkerters

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Define inbound telemarketing. Give an example.   An inbound telemarketer accepts incoming calls from current and potential customers. The telemarketer records the name and information of the person calling and often reads written prompts about current promotions or products. Some inbound telemarketers try to sell new products to customers, such as a cell phone company marketing plan upgrades to customers calling in for other reasons. Other inbound telemarketers handle complaints and help customers with problems, while also trying to sell new products
Define outbound telemarketing. Give an example. You personally are calling people from a generated list of numbers. Outbound telemarketers call current and former customers, or cold call potential customers from a directory phone listing. Typically, an outbound telemarketer cold calls a customer and tries to sell a product or solicit a donation for a charity by reading a script provided by his company or charitable organization. An outbound telemarketer also answers questions customers may have about products or services, and records sales in a computer program. For example, an outbound telemarketer for a direct mail catalog company may call former customers and promote new products to bring in more sales.
Describe the Web-driven service technology that you believe has the most potential to affect the customer service process. Explain. Inbound and outbound telemarketers deal with a wide variety of customers, and must handle complaints and other issues. Several companies also require that telemarketers sell a certain percentage of products each month, known as a sales quota. While many customers will handle a telemarketing call professionally, some customers will become aggravated or even aggressive. Inbound and outbound telemarketers must know how to work through these situations while still meeting their sales quotas.


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