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Believing in superstitions can have a dramatic effect on our lives. These beliefs come from ancient times, or are made up, and passed along through generations. For some people, being superstitious can prevent them from doing something they would otherwise not have questioned. Our rational thoughts may tell us that superstitions are not to be taken seriously, but another part of our brain tells us if we don't abide by the superstition something bad will happen to us. On the other hand, there are also good superstitions, if we carry these out, they are said to bring good fortune. To believe in a superstition is a matter of choice, nothing is written in stone.

Being superstitious at a high level can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. If we are constantly worried about what may happen, we leave ourselves open to a whole host of mental illnesses. We can go from being simply stressed, to being depressed, and not wanting to leave the house in case something bad happens. Lots of professional sports stars and celebrities are superstitious, there will be some form of ritual they will have to perform before a game, or a show, for them to have good luck. These people wear lucky shirts, jewellery, shoes, or whatever they deem will bring them good fortune. Does it really bring them luck though, or is it all their mind? The positive aspect of wearing such things can lead to someone being better at a particular job, than if they did not wear their lucky charm.

If a person has a logical explanation for believing in the superstition, then they are more likely to keep believing in it. For example, if someone carried a lucky charm with them thinking it would help them win a race, and they did win, they would be more inclined to keep using the lucky charm. Therefore, the superstition carries on for them, to the point where they can't race without the object. There is a strong chance that they will not run in the race, or do the particular task, without the object to bring...


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