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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Is“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”
Nicholas Carr’s article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” published July 2008 in The Atlantic talks about the many cognitive and neurological deviations that have happened since people have begun relying on the internet for information.   The main thesis that Carr is trying to make is that the method of thinking that humans utilize has modified over time, becoming more unfocused and impatient. Carr continues on by explaining that he is agitated with the fact that he can no longer have a seat and enjoy a novel the way that he used to. He elaborates by adding that he is not the only one with this issue. He has even brought up the subject to a few of his friends, whom he describe as “literary types” mostly, and they seem to have experienced similar things.   “The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on a long piece of writing.”
He believes that the net is becoming a universal medium, the channel that most information runs through in the mind. He is basically insisting that Google is making us lazy and less resourceful. Additionally, he claims that having such a close hand on such a rich information that we begin to develop what is called “silicon memory” or an artificial intelligence. If you click on a hyperlink or type in a certain word, you will virtually get all of the information that you will need on the subject and still all you’ll have to do is skim through it to use exactly what you want.
This is also why Carr feels that the world wide web has shortened the attention spans of many of us. Carr includes the study conducted by University College London to test this idea, in which concluded, “[…] indeed there are signs that new forms of reading are emerging as users power browse horizontally through titles, contents pages and abstracts going for quick wins.”   He likens this difference to those that occurred when the mechanical clock was introduced, when people “stopped listening to [their] senses...


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