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Radio Nowadays

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The radio was clearly one of the most important inventions of the world in 1920s. In the beginning of the era, radios were used for entertaining and send the news to people. Thanks to the develop technology these day, there are many new sources for people to gather information such as email, internet, over-the-air radio, etc. After few years from now, will the radio be replaced by other new media?
In 1893, the idea for the first radio was developed by Nikola Tesla and it soon widely used mass communication medium at that time. Radio could be found at least one at each family because there were more than 177 radio stations across the country and 95 percent of the population was reached by the radio. Even nowadays, the appearance of new media such as the television and the internet, the radio still holds an important place in modern life. In fact, people still need to use the radio as an important source of knowledge. Moreover, Radio is free and people don’t have to pay too much money to use it. The convenience is another advantage. People can use the radio everywhere. For example, listening to radio to catch up with the news when you driving, you also listen to music or follow along a sport game while doing something else.
Radio has some advantages but internet media is way far interesting than radio. The internet media allows user to have difference option for their choice of news, information or entertainment while radio is the same. Since radio is a cheap device, therefore it lacks of features that are important for modern life. Unlike the radio, the internet media are more social and interactive with user. Internet media allows us to connect together through some applications such as Facebook, email, internet browser and the news spread through the internet faster than radio stations. In my opinion, I believe that radio will be replaced by other new media in a near future.
Over a century had passed by; radio is getting older and losing its value when we live...


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