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The Jaw Crusher with the Optimization and Upgrading of the Development of the Times

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The jaw crusher development and improvement have been achieved in the development process in recent years. Machinery and equipment using negative support zero hanging in the design, structure has the feature of hyperboloid cavity, device processing ability and work efficiency is relatively high. But there are still some problems in a certain extent.
Shortcomings and defects in the process of crushing
(1) the jaw crusher process simple: cannot realize multifunctional broken, in the work process, if the material properties to be broken is various, not the traditional crushing process so that they completely dissociated, also easy to present the material crushing phenomenon. The crushing make useful components decrease, formed the crushing of waste products, resulting in a waste of resources;
(2) the jaw crusher technology level: jaw crusher in present technology conditions to realize comminution is difficult, we need to pass many section can be achieved due to crushing, whole equipment is relatively large, relatively heavy, occupied area and space is very big in the installation process, support and strong;
(3) the jaw crusher in crushing energy consumption: the ultimate compressive strength reached a certain degree of time, crushing equipment will but not crushing effect to the ideological consume large amounts of energy, electricity, steel consumption and other energy consumption of large, can not effectively achieve energy saving effect.
More and more mines began to use mechanized operation, improve the mining rate, especially has been greatly enhanced in the degree of mechanization of coal, copper, zinc ore mines, and these industries are increasingly high requirements. Jaw crusher shortcomings existing machine has been unable to meet the modern needs of mine production, products need to improve.
Jaw crusher lifting direction
Improve the efficiency of products, improve product performance. Jaw crusher in any case development, its working principle is...


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