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How I Spend My Summer

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Tell me something about your background | Ok, I’m a promising student of English Department: straight-A, former university volunteer, self-employed, did many kinds of works (selling micro headphones, interpreter, writing diplomas,+ tutor, teacher). Last year I’be gone through kind of spiritual awakening and understood what values really matter for me. So I take up for human rights protecting activities and realized that for doing it seriously and sustainably I need more experience.   Simply speaking I need to be cooler in all aspects. bulinding connection and then use them for benefiting the society. the level of   happiness doesn’t depend on the level of income. |
Why have you chosen BAT? | Actually, my former girlfriend who worked for BAT advised me to read about it. I’ve heard about the company before. But as it was the time I was choosing the future carrier I decided to try. I don’t like hypocrisy and it was interesting for me how BAT can justify selling cigarettes. And I like the way it was explained – not to involve new people into smoking but to give the chance those already smoking to choose the best product. Sustainable approach, sustainability reports that things I found rather sound for me. As the company passes my own ideological test, I reviewed economical data. Multinational company, operating in 180 countries, included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 12.Of course, I’ve looked through opinions of the employees and found them also satisfying. And I have to sum up that BAT is one of the best companies to apply   and what is the most important I found that it correlates to my values and can be interesting to work for. Global to localFreedom through responsibility |
Why is the program? | I’ve read a lot about it and will try ti point out the key issues that are important to me. The first it the ability to develop myself. I’m keen on self-development and I think that BAT MT is the chance to become as competent and experienced on as I’ve...


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