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There was a typical assignment during my school years - write an essay after reading a book or spending a summer break in a country side. And I remember I loved it and I was quite good at it! Let see how I will cope with it twenty years after. I will add some personal facts to it, so you can get to known me better.
When I was in high school I wanted to work in a criminal justice field and got enrolled to shooting class because I heard I would need it for my future job. During my last two years in school I changed my mind several times to journalism, law and economics. By the graduation I realized that there were not too many choices in my home town, just two to be correct – to continue my education in either pedagogical or technical university. My parents were busy working full time providing for the family and we never discussed seriously the possibility of me going to another city because it would create many financial and organizational problems. Being only daughter and living with my parents all my life I did not insist. So, since I never wanted to be a teacher I picked a technical field of study. My father was an Electronic Engineer and I, having no clear plans and directions, thought it was not bad idea to become an engineer. I read an advertisement about civil engineering and it sounded good to me.  
Each term I started by learning new science or technology subjects and found that economics and management classes are the most interesting and exciting. I more enjoyed course work and projects for fundamentals of business rather than for technology of concrete fillers and heat transfer. When it came to the first field training, which lasted two months, I was disappointed with my future job - watch for the right percentage of concrete ingredients such as cement, gravel and water, do tests for resistance of concrete blocks – that seemed very uninteresting. “ Oh well, we cannot always do what we want to do”- I thought and continued   hitting large books for...


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