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Celebrities Promote Fashion

Whether it is Anne Hathaway or Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, celebrities love wearing top unique designer creations, especially when attending high profile occasions like state dinners or the Oscars. What follows these celebrity occasions is more interesting, as there is extensive coverage of fashion brands (which celebrities wear and endorse) in the media, especially the fashion magazines, electronic media and social platforms. This essay looks into the influence that celebrity have on consumer behavior with regards to fashion brands. Inasmuch as celebrities are major drivers of fashion trends, at the same time, it is important that a designer or producer in the fashion industry should consider the credibility of the endorser to be involved. Firstly, the essay discusses the celebrity identities and relationship with consumers, then it looks into the impact of this group of people on the fashion world and finally it gives an example of a celebrity in David Beckham, a retired British soccer star.
The making of a celebrity has continuously evolved over the last two and a half centuries. Celebrity identities can be traced back to the ancient Roman emperors and Greek heroes, who acquired public respect and admiration through their deeds, being born in elite families also helped people become famous in those days (Cook 2011). While talent mattered a lot for one to be termed a celebrity in earlier days, today, one can become famous for other varied reasons, among them being a celebrity for the sake of it. Walsh (2013) notes that the amount of money one has, and the level of media coverage is the most influential factors in the making of celebrities. This author also highlights that there is reduced relevance, compared to earlier years, of contributions to the society, talent, intelligence and quality of character in the construction of celebrity identities.  
Evidence shows that the creation and utilization of fame is founded...


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