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Coverage on Private Lives of Celebrities

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The media had published news about celebrities; private lives constantly to attract readers or viewers. Some people hold that this kind of news should be banned. What is your opinion?
The coverage of celebrities’ private lives now is a commonplace for published media as a way to increasing spotlights. As these news have a negative impact on the celebrities and the society as well, some people blaming that these coverage should be banned. As for as I concerned, to restrict these immoral coverage is necessary.
Those news, as an immoral action, actually have a negative influence on the readers, celebrities and even the society as whole. Obviously, for the celebrities,The reporters whose action is that violate others privacy. Celebrities, may be public figure, but they are in the private sector. It is themselves who are the diction-making what should be put into the spotlight rather than the press. Exaggerate reports and prevalent paparazzi make celebrities far away from the normal life, which also disturb their work and social status. In terms of the readers who seems like the stander-by, receive harmful influence as well. The marjory of these news are negative ones as more newsworthy. In that case, viewers, especially the younger generation who are less   self-conscious, had some bad roles which changes the code of conduct. Some even followed the frugal immoral life styles. When it comes to the society as a whole, unrestricted covering on the private lives undermine individuals’ respect to others and the code of conduct , which leads to a bad atmosphere . That might be the starts of other events.
Indeed, gossip news is entertaining and relaxing, especially in the urban society which is so stressful.   In addition, sometimes, spotlight on the coverage not only beneficial the mass media which can earn income, but also some outdated celebrities themselves by become well-known again. However, fraudulent and misleading coverage making media became reliable. Constantly...


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