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The Difference of Industrial Crusher and Mill Processing Equipment

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Crushed material is due to the external force is greater than the solid force, leading to split into small chunks process here that the force include : mechanical force , manpower, electricity and so on. By mechanical force into small chunks of material crushing equipment called a lithotripter , there are areas called crusher, if this process will enable small to continue division called crushing equipment used is called [url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Ball_Mill_For_Mineral_Processing/Ball_mill.html]ball mill[/url]. Regardless of the material for crushing or grinding , the main object is to increase the surface area per unit weight of the pellets , in order to increase the reaction rate and physical chemistry.
  Run crusher equipment in industry, the vast majority of solid materials, materials, fuel and semi-finished products , they have to go through the process of crushing or grinding . In terms of electricity , about 70 % of the electricity used in raw materials , fuel and clinker crushing and grinding. Meanwhile crushing and grinding operations in the case, which is also related to the quality and cost of products directly. Therefore, in the silicate industry, crushing and grinding operations has a special significance.
  According to the material to be processed in different block sizes , grinding can be divided into : coarse crushing - Material diameter greater than 100mm; in broken - the material between 30-100mm in diameter ; fine crushing - the material between 3-30mm in diameter ; crude between the material between 0.1-0.3mm - broken ; grinding - material diameter of less than 0.1mm; ultrafine grinding - material 0.02-0.004mm in diameter or less.
grinding mill:     http://www.mill-crushers.com/Mill_Series/
ball mill:     http://www.mill-crushers.com/Ball_Mill_For_Mineral_Processing/Ball_mill.html


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