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Philosophy of Wars

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Question 3
The subject of human intervention can be deviant in terms of international law. States tend to understand humanitarian intervention in different ways, creating different ideologies. However, humanitarian intervention in times of war is gradually overrating state sovereignty. Human right and individual sovereignty is undermined by the sovereignty of the state. In addition, the power that states have is to protect its people. Therefore, any abuse of this power calls for other states intervention. Within the essay, an argument will support state rights in using war to defend citizens of other states from bad leadership. Furthermore, accuracy and implementation of human intervention will be shown with use of samples.
Simon (2000:10) states that human right is the most important issue to every state, therefore if a state abuse its power, united nation has the right of intervention to ask another country to go to war to protect human right. However, Thomas (2001:24) states that any state that seek to intervene in another state should first seek the approval of United Nations. Kofi (1999:32) in two concepts of sovereignty divides the idea of sovereignty into two, one which is centered on state and the rest among other people. He goes against this and states that sovereignty should be about protection of people. In addition, Sovereignty is a state‚Äôs responsibility to protect its people and when situations get out of hand it is government responsibility to request for aid and accept from outside bodies.e.g French intervention in Mali. Thurer (1999:731) argues that should state ignore aid from other bodies and put large number of citizens at risk, its international responsibility is to respond.e.g Rwanda genocide attack Tutsi vs Hutu, Syria and Somali crises. Riesman (2003:867) emphasizes on sovereignty and human right.   Furthermore, states are primary provider for sovereignty, it is seen as responsibility in terms of bringing protection to...


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