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Iraq War Is Necessary and Justified

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This essay is in defense of the current Iraqi War. President Bush’s vocal critics state that over 1,400 American troops’ have been sacrificed in the Iraq War. First of all, the word “sacrifice” means that a person voluntarily does or gives up something at his or her own free will (like a bunt to advance a runner in baseball or Catholics sacrificing and giving up chocolate for Lent). I don’t believe that any of those soldiers that have been killed in the war deliberately intended to die or were “sacrificed” as Michael Moore has erroneously stated. And I’m sure that if President Bush knew the names of those soldiers that had been killed. I’m certain he would have ordered those individuals to stay on U.S. military bases and not engage in combat in Iraq.

Secondly, in World War II around 405,000 American military personnel had been killed, and that happens to constitute 405 times the sacrifice that our nation has made in the combined Afghan/Iraq Wars. And besides that horrendous astronomical figure over 671,000 American soldiers were wounded during WWII. I agree with the anti-war pundits that each American life should be valued, but when you analyze “sacrifice” in its true context, look to the past to equate the true cost of freedom. The World Trade Center twin-towers catastrophe was very comparable to Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and in fact more people died on September 11th on U.S. soil than were bombed and killed at Pearl Harbor.

Now here’s where the liberal mindset suddenly turns philosophical. “The Iraq War should not be fought and it cannot be validly compared to WWII,” they will argue. President Bush does not like or want war, but sometimes war is the only viable measure to take. I strongly suggest that the anti-war doves become students of history instead of naïve idealists of the present situation without any clue of past Holocausts. The rest of the world is not a Utopia. Stop this “blame America first” rhetoric for being responsible for...


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