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Some People Think That Universities Should Provide Graduates with the Knowledge and Skills Needed in the Workplace. Others Think That the True Function of a University Should Be to Give Access to Knowledge for Its Own

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In today's competitive environment employers try to find fully-fledged employees. Hence, universities do their best to meet this tendency. As a consequence, they focus on subjects that students will need in their subsequent careers rather than teaching general subjects. Some people corroborate this philosophy of universities, while others vehemently protest, stating that this in not right idea. In this essay, I will examine both sides before reaching a conclusion based on facts and examples presented below.

First of all, studying only subjects that will be required in students' later lives is beneficial in terms of decreasing burden of tasks they have to do. For instance, University of Charles which is located in Canada has included into its curriculum only subjects that will be needed in its undergraduate’s careers. As a consequence, they spent more time to learn their subject in-depth rather than squandering their time on menial tasks which they will never need in their work life.
Secondly, the employers may merit from the tendency that universities should teach only subjects that will be required in their students' workplaces. For instance, government -based and private sector companies send their first-year employees to specializing courses to attain skills to deal with their tasks in their workplaces. If universities reduce or halt entirely teaching subjects which are irrelevant to students; majors and send them field-trips to specialize and gain more experience, the employers will spend less money on specializing courses.
Conversely, a group of people hold a belief that if universities confine their curriculum to subjects that will be required in their student' work lives may have destructive effects. In other words, they claim that some people are inclined to change their workplaces after a period of time. However, if they have no general knowledge about other subjects, they will struggle to accomplish to their novel tasks in new workplaces.
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