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1. When you hear the word Retreat talked about, what is your current concept of what it means? Where does this understanding come from?
To me the word retreat means time away from your everyday life in order to reflect on who you are as a person, who you want to be in the future and the steps that need to be taken in order to get to this point. This understanding comes from previous retreats that I have been on and the experiences I have had while participating in them.
  2. Research the idea of retreat and give examples of its use in different contexts. (ie, Religion, Business)
A retreat is defined as an annual vacation taken at someone else’s expense to promote equality, togetherness and a relationship with God.
Spiritual Retreat: Where a religious community comes together as a community. To promote togetherness and their God.
Business Retreat: Business retreats are often used as a way of team building and boost creativity and to create and implement change in the workplace. Retreats can be in the workplace or time away ranging from 1-5 days.
  3. Look specifically at how Retreats are used in at least 3 different religions and explain in detail what happens and how they differ.
A religious retreat is where a religious community comes together as a community. Can include meditation as a way of reconnecting with one’s self.
Christian: Christian retreats often include leaving one’s life behind in order to connect, through prayer, with God. This event can be communal or an individual depending on how the person prefers to get close to God.
Buddhism: Buddhism retreats can be a time of solitude or can also be a community event. Some retreats are held in silence and others are about communication depending on the practices set by the hosting family/ business etc. Retreat are often conducted in areas that are away from the public or in rural areas.
Roman Catholic: Can range from a few hours to a week in these people participate in spiritual exercises. These...


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