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Socrates Dialouge

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Socrates on the Debate of State Welfare

The following simulated debate takes place between Socrates and Joe. Socrates presents the position that welfare, while necessary should not eclipse the importance of self-development and in the case of the modern economy, self development is the pursuit of becoming the best version of one's self, professionally and personally. He forwards that this is the realization of the human promise, in line with his position in relation to human virtues. To grow as a populace, to develop, he purposes for the growth of a sense of community; and, while it is completely acceptable to provide for those in need, for the least members of society, it is everyone's duty to self to persevere, to realize one's potentials and to achieve to honor one's self. As such, becoming dependent on the welfare system is an anti-thesis of this view as it does not move society forward.

About Joe

Joe, a long-time Dole (welfare system) abuser has become a master at exploiting loopholes that has allowed him to sustain himself and his family through the years. Joe had a promising career as a car salesman but if there was something he cannot abide by, it is the long hours and the responsibility of keeping to task. In a competitive sales environment, Joe's inability to achieve and refusal to do blue collar work has resulted in him looking at ways, easier ways to maintain himself and his family. As such he often looked for shortcuts and he found that in the welfare system. His wife Jean started claiming disability and unemployment benefits when she was 19 claiming some form of phobia stops her from being around people. For this she receives around $700 a month. Joe has claimed disability for the brief time he has served in the army (about 2 years) in the first Gulf War. By claiming PTSD and managing to 'establish' the cause of it, he has been receiving $800 a month, he also receives free healthcare just as his wife does. All their 4 children each...


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