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Fast Food Should Be Banned

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Cigarette smoking kills just under a half million people each year in the United States. This is about one in five deaths according to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Smoking is a bad habit in a lot of individuals in the society. Even though smoking harms our health and Social consequences, people should quit it.
First reason why people quit smoking is health. Many people have known for couple years the harm of smoking in our bodies. In the research “How do smoking effect in the health” the Arthur (2006) asserts the smoking will be caused and harmed, thus, it will contribute to kill the cells into respiratory system and cause the cancer of lung. The author cites smoking five to 10 cigarette per day that will be risen potential exposure to cancer because in one cigarette, there are a lot of chemical substances that certainly effect in health’s human. For instance, CO2 competes with O2 in Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and interferes to delivery life giving oxygen to the heart.
  Moreover, on this research, author claims, smoking in additional to high cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and physical inactivity tops of list a primary risk factor of cardiovascular diseases and more chemical substance that will contribute in problems of teeth for long time. Therefore,   Cigarette smoking does not cause the lung cancer only, but it causes cardiovascular diseases and problem in teeth. People should quit of smoking by going to doctors and seeking them advices.
Another reason, smoking will be led to defect in the social consequences. That will contributes to breakup the relationship your family and may lead to divorces. A more recent study by researchers at University of Northern Borders, changing the attitude of smokers in a few months or years are difficult. Also the research assert that Smoking is also dangerous for unborn babies and young children. Whereas, minors grow up in household where someone smokes are more likely to develop the...


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