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Ways That Deals with Metal Crusher Being Blocked

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Most of the metal in the world can be recycled, metal production scale of developed countries and developing countries is very large. At present, utilization of scrap metal is paid more and more attention to. In our daily life, scrap iron, cable, paint bucket, ring-pull can and old sheet-iron all can be recycled and reused after being crushed and screened by metal crusher. Hence, scrap metal crusher machine is widely used in recycling scrap metal.

Mill plug mill block is one of the common faults in the mill use, there may be problems in machine design, but it is more due to use of improper operation.

(1) scrap metal crusher machine feeding too fast, the load increase, causing congestion.In the process of feed, always pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection Angle is large, if more than rated current, motor overload, long time overload, will burn out motor.

Scrap Metal Crusher

Appear this kind of circumstance should immediately reduce or close the door, can also change the way that the feed, by increasing the feeder to control the feed rate. Feeder has manual and automatic two kinds, the user of ceramsite production machine should choose appropriate feeder according to actual situation., because of the large mill speed, high load and load fluctuation is stronger. So, the crusher work current general control in about 85% of the rated current.

(2) scrap metal crusher machine should be updated regularly break and serious aging hammer head, keep the mill in good working condition.

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cable wire recycling machine: http://www.ftm-mac.com/tmj.html

scrap metal crusher machine: http://www.ftm-mac.com/jsps.html
ceramsite production machine: http://www.ftmmachine.com/products/production-lines/68.html


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