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How to Protect Your Scrap Metal Crusher Machine Well?

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Scrap metal crusher machine is necessary mechanical equipment of scrap metal recovery, which can greatly reduce labor cost. Generally speaking, a scrap metal crusher machine requires only one person to operate, which can greatly improve efficiency of metal recycling. bUT Do you know How to Protect Your Scrap Metal Crusher Machine Well?

Metal crusher of crusher is metal recycling recognition.this metal processing equipment, the machine can crush materials are: Sprite cans, lulu pot, red bull, coke cans, not only can crush cans, also can crush paint cans, oil tank, etc., as long as it is metal can crush, crush the material transport is very easy to carry, convenient feeding steelmaking, the number of feeding is also reduced a lot.

Scrap Metal Crusher

1, for square steel, square steel shed support, increased the width of the square steel, and improve the bearing structure and increase the retaining bolt.

2, the star wheel shift problem of Scrap Metal Crusher Machine is caused by two single roller rotate to different, maintain personnel after single roll overlaying welding car make corresponding screw to screw, the nut tight, loose won't happen again.

3, for crown, caps, life is short, the sinter excessive broken problem, maintenance personnel of Scrap Metal Crusher Machine will be single roll by 11 rows to nine star wheel, the protective cap on the gas board the car from 12 to 10 root, crown and the protective cap space increased to 27.5 mm.

4, for change problem of the guide material box, worn parts of Scrap metal crusher machine is mainly due to its upper part, and the lower part is almost don't wear, so maintenance personnel use fission structure, up and down the replacement when you just need to change part.

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