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Why Some Drawbacks May Happen to Metal Crusher?

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Core principle of metal crusher is the basic principle of hammer beating. Under the driving of high-speed motor, the hammerhead on the rotor of the host hits the crushing materials by turns, and tears the crushing material into one which is in accordance with specifications through the space formed between the plate and the hammer head. And do you know Why Some Drawbacks May Happen to Metal Crusher?

Can Crusher

Failure analysis of metal crushing machine ia in the following: 1, hanging shaft parts. Suspension was found on the collapse of the axis of the sliding bearing to death, hanging shaft chamber contains a large amount of sludge.Reason is the outlet gap is big, the suspension shaft inner chamber pressure is less than the milling cavity pressure, make the dust into the axis cavity. 2, milling cavity.The downtime to open the milling chamber, using hand found some roller turn from time to time, roller and grinding ring have collapsed block analysis is roller bearing caused by poor lubrication. According to the technical requirements on the drawing process, after processing to each column pin in NDT.3, in order to guarantee to receive strength evenly in the dowel pin, need to be reprocessed motor column pin hole of wheel and compressor wheel. 4, make sure that the fitting precision of coupling and motor and compressor concentricity requirements, formulate reasonable dismantling scheme, fastening torque wrench should be used when the dowel pin lock. 5, after the above measures, reforming C1101 compressor running smooth, coupling column pin broken accident did not happen again, equipment hidden danger thoroughly eliminated.

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