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What Is the Density of Commonly Used Ball Mill Machine?

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Cylinder body and cover to the main bearings are installed, two hollow shaft shaft shoulder and the bearing the axial gap between, should accord with the equipment technical documents; two hollow shaft on the bus should be at the same level, the height difference should not exceed 1 mm, and the feed end higher than the discharge the end. Two hollow shaft center line should be in the same line, spindle 'send circular run-out should conform to the installation rules. Installation review two hollow shaft and bearing bush contacts, should conform to the installation instructions.

Ball density natural sphere of influence the quality of M, it affects the ball carrying energy size, which influence the ball strike force.Which is the same size, density of the ball mill machine striking force, productivity, while the density of small ball strike force is small, the productivityof small. Productivity of cement mill with steel ball density increases almost linearly increase. Commonly used forged steel ball density is 7.8G / cm3, and cast steel density is 7.5G / cm3, cast iron ball density is lower, only 7.1 ~ 7.3g / cm3.

The cylinder body and the end cover before the assembly should be checked, the surface of the cylinder body should be straight, along the axial direction of the bend should not be greater than the length of the cylinder body 0.1%, end diameter and minimum diameter difference should not be large diameter of cylinder 0.15%, both ends of the flange of the coaxial degree and parallel degree of toleranceshould be consistent with metallurgy ministry issued mineral processing equipment installation specification permits numerical.

Mill speed and wet ball mill filling rate of two common combinations and decided to mill steel ball grinding mill movement and energy state, mill lining board in addition to protect the cylinder body function, also has the effect of tube wall on the ball bearing friction coefficient, then influence the ballmovement.



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