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Julius Caesar

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When people get their way with others, they do it with words; they want others to agree with their point of view, give them what they want, or do what they ask. Such victims unknowingly make choices based on emotional appeals, logical tricks and sometimes ethical appeals. That allows the manipulator to control their thinking and behavior, setting them up to be used for someone else's interests. In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (JC) by the well known scriptwriter William Shakespeare, Antony, Caesar's apprentice, takes the citizens of Rome back in time to make them remember what Caesar has done for them and Rome. In history, Nelson Mandela stood up for his people to end apartheid in South Africa. Thus, from the skilled hands of Nelson Mandela it can be seen that words are powerful weapons.
Marc Antony uses Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to encourage the people of Rome to seek vengeance on the Conspirators through his powerful words. As "the poor cry", Antony reminds the citizens of Rome of the "ambition" Caesar has for them and for Rome (JC.3.2.88-89). This logical appeal by Mark Antony is being used since most of the people that he is trying to persuade are not the richest bunch of folk in Rome. So when he uses ‘poor’ as the type of people that Caesar cried for, the crowd thinks that it is wrong to brutally murder someone who cared so much for them that he even wept.   Antony uses logos again in his speech but through Caesars will, Caesar grants "every Roman citizen seventy-drachmas"   (JC.3.2.233-244). This quote carries the power to make the Roman citizens sorrowful about Caesars death. The logos by Antony shows that Caesar cared so much about his people that not only did he cry for them and also that he left money in the will for public. This heavily influences the change of mind in the crowd. Antony basically uses Caesars powerful words logically to persuade the citizens of Rome. Furthermore, Antony uses ethos when he is about to deliver his speech and makes...


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