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The Main Production Process of Potato Starch Production Line

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Potatoes have been used as a source of raw material for high-quality starch for over 150 years. In addition to product quality, the consumption of fresh water and energy are now playing an ever more important role in potato starch production line. For this reason, Win Tone developed potato starch production line process lines which also convince users from these economic points of view.
Our potato starch production line includes economic type and standardized type. Such as medium-sized and large-sized starch production lines. Calculation is based on the dry starch output. Because of our good factory design, processing art consultation, processing machinery manufacturing and after-sale service of spare parts, we have won a lot of customers.   Stabilization of the POTATO STARCH PRODUCTION LINE is normally achieved by chemical modification to prevent these changes from occurring. We have now created a freeze–thaw-stable potato starch by alteration of starch composition and structure by genetic modification.
The main processes of potato production line are following:
1 Potatoes from local farmers are transported to the factory by trucks,
2 The potatoes are washed and rasped into fine particles in a rotating grater,
3 Fruit juice and solid matter are separated into two streams in a rotating decanter, 4 Fresh water is added to the stream of solid matter and pulp is separated from the starch by centrifugation
5 Starch is refined in hydro cyclones and vacuum filters,
6 The concentrated slurry is dried in a warm air stream until a final water content of 20%
7 The starch is stored and packed for final distribution to the market and sold as potato flour or potato starch.  
The potato starch is then extracted followed by washing. The washing line consists of 3-phase nozzle separators in three stages working on the counter-current principle, fresh water only having to be supplied to the last stage....


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