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Sports Fans of the World

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Just as societies in many nations differ from one another the same is true when the issue of sports fans is being discussed. In this paper I will speak about the differences and similarities of various sports fans both in America and across the world and explain the nature of sports fandom and what being a sports fan entails. In addition to this I will speak about the infamous violence fans have been a part of sports such as the “Malice at the Palace”. Also I will speak about how college sports fans and professional sports fans differ even though they are still in the same country. Although my subject itself does have any overt religious significance there are certain social significances of being involved in sports. Finally I will discuss the medical effects sports can have on the fans watching the games.
Whether you’re in America, Europe, Africa or Asia no matter where you go there are going to be sports fans. A sports fan is defined by Merriam-Webster as an enthusiastic devotee of a sport. This definition is one which is very general because the typical sports fan is not one pinpoint age or social group. Ever since around 776 BC in the ancient Greek Olympics there have been sports played at a highly competitive level and up till today as a result of this there been fans of these athletes. Sports in the modern day have the ability to turn that kid from the projects into a first round draft pick who is an instant millionaire and as a result it gives so many rags to riches stories that it almost impossible not to become of fans of certain players. Also many of us as a result of a natural love of the game or the influences from parents or other family members begin to participate in these sports from the time we are young and begin becoming fans of certain sports. As we begin to develop into teenagers we begin playing for our respective high schools and this is the first level of sports that actually plays a part in your particular future and determines whether or...


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