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International Sports Occasions

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Today, International sports games are gaining more popularity throughout the whole world. Each sports event attracts thousands of athletes from different countries.   Regardless of political situations, sportsmen all gather physically to attend the games.

There are 2 main reasons why sports games are held throughout the whole continents ( or the whole world) regularly. The first reason, originally, is to raise the awareness of physical health through the whole world. To stimulate the commons’ interests in sports, and further, build up their health, exciting sports competitions are held more often. The second reason, derived gradually though the sports history, is that countries enhance mutual interrelation, communication and cooperation by regional or international sports activities. The best example is the modern Olympic Games, which has been existing for more than 110 years, not even counting the ancient Olympic Games. The Olympic Games includes Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games which are both held every four years in a different city. To watch exciting competitions, sports enthusiasts would travel to the host countries to attend the games, which give them chances to see these countries and experience the diverse cultures. This is a direct way to increase countries and people interchange which may ease international strains. Meanwhile, organizing a sports festival requires countries’ collaborations in finance, workforce, sports articles and venues, which partially enhances the mutual relationships.
In one sports festival, there are various events which contain a large number of competitions. As the sportsmen compete on behalf of their own countries, people with strong patriotic emotions would support their own sportsmen. No matter watching games on the spot, or on TV/internet, when supporting for their own players, sports fans release their patriotic emotions dramatically. However, not all sports fans only support their own competitors. A large...


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