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Many People Want Their Country to Host an International Sporting Event. Others Believe That International Sporting Event Bring More Problems Than Benefits. Discuss Both Views and Include Your Opinion, Supported by Examples.

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To be renowned in the world,hosting an international sporting event plays a key role. There are numerous games and sports which have great fan following and being watched by million of people over the world so hosting such a big event make one country highlighted and sparked over the globe. There is a always a diatribe among people, some badly wants that their country to host an international sporting event while other presumes that international sporting event bring more problems than benefits and as far as my view are concerned according to me every coin has two sides, similarly this crucial aspect has its own advantages and disadvantages

First and the foremost,hosting an event on such a large scale is just a matter of pride for a country and everyone must welcome it. Numerous sports and games are popular over the globe for an illustration football,most watched and loved game over the world. Hosting this event means hosting a festival because there is kind of jubilation.

Hosting Fifa world cup means profit of a country in every aspect.Firstly,it provides employment in service industry such as accommodation,transportation and entertainment and in addition to this the country's historical and cultural values also got publicity,the economy of a country increases rampantly. Beside this,Cricket which is the second most loved game also plays a pivotal role for example in country like India cricket is considered as religion and very well adopted for example last world cup was hosted by India itself and the people from all around the world came and witnessed the creating of history . Moreover sports sparks the fire of fraternity among countries and plays a vital role in creating good relations.

Besides this,some people assert that hosting such a big sporting event creates much problems as for example the sex tourism in countries like Brazil and Thailand has been amok increased which portrays bad image of a country and also many people get vulnerable to hazardous...


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