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Having a Balance Between Work and Happiness in Life

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What is happiness? Does money necessarily bring happiness? Many people think that when become rich and successful, happiness will naturally follow. But let me tell me tell you that the world is full of very rich people who are as miserable as hell. We have been reading stories about movie stars committing suicides and dying from drugs.

Then what is the key to happiness? I believe that long- term happiness is based on productive work, honesty, and self-esteem. Happiness is not an end; it is a process. It is a continuous process of productive work that makes a real contribution to others that makes you feel like a worthwhile person. As Dr.Wayre wrote,¡± there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.¡± If you wait for certain things to happiness and depend totally on the external conditions of life to make you happy, you will always feel unhappy.

Some may argue that if one have enough money to spend and can live a comfortable life without any real work, why should he have to work to make himself happiness? Yes he may live a     comfortable life, but a comfortable life doesn’t mean happiness. I have a female friend who married a very successful businessman.   Money is not at all the problem to her. People around her all think that she is lucky. Some even envy her of her wealth. But the fact is that she is far from happiness. She told me that once in a party one of her friend drew a picture of her jokingly: there suddenly stopped a very luxurious car. The door was open. Then came down a Pekinese followed by a well-dressed lady. After seeing that, instead of felt flattered and envied, she got a very strange feeling. She felt that her life was so meaningless and that she almost lost her own her. So she started her own business all by herself. Thou she is now very busy and have to work very hard but she felt most happy.

Long-term happiness is a process of moving towards worthwhile goals and contributing to happiness of others. It does not mean you should...


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